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Café Vital

Producer Name: Julian Andrés Fajardo

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, caramel, medium citric acidity.

Location: Pitalito - Huila.

Elevation: 1.400 (m.a.s.l.)

Variety: Arabica

Process Technique: Drying process with sun and air exposure

The place where magic happens

Pitalito is a Colombian town and municipality located to the south of the Department of Huila, Colombia over the Valley of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena. It is referred to as "The Valley of Laboyos" and is also the second most populated municipality in the Department of Huila, with approximately 150,000 inhabitants. Pitalito is considered the largest producer of coffee in Colombia. Being at the epicenter of the coffee producing District of Bruselas, the town has become a notable coffee-growing area within Colombia. On several occasions, it has been awarded with the "Cup of Excellence" for producing the best coffee in the country.

The coffee! - “Vital: Creating shared value and welfare for the community”

My name is Julián Andrés Fajardo Valderrama and I founded Café Vital in 2014 in Pitalito, Huila. Café Vital is the result of the desire of personal growth to supply roasted and ground coffee of the highest quality to international markets and at the same time share technical and commercial knowledge with more coffee growers in the region. Café Vital is a Premium Arabica coffee with excellent notes of chocolate, caramel and medium citric acidity, creating a unique and exclusive flavor.

Living the coffee dream

Having access to new international markets represents for us the possibility of changing our mindset, creating customer-oriented products and thus being able to give an example to the community that the entrepreneurial dream is possible, that it is worth fighting for our dreams.

Designation of Origin: Huila
Preparation: Express
Roasting date:

Type of coffee grower:

Coffee Entrepreneurs

Environmental Friendly
Customize your coffee

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