Jorge Antonio Méndez Vargas

Nestled in the mountains of the Andean Massif, in the fertile lands of the Laboyos Valley, along side a road that from Pitalito leads to the municipality of Acevedo, is the hamlet of El Terminal, where the Montañita farm is located. These six hectares of farmland give rise to one of the most representative brands of Huila coffee, "Café Montañita". Among the native forest, the cachingos, guamos and nacederos, accompanied by the fauna and flora typical of the region, this prodigious bean is grown and is later transformed into one of the most desired drinks in the whole world.

"Montañita" owes its name not only to the farm where it is planted and cultivated, but also to the topography of the terrain, to the mountainous region that forms the property of Jorge Antonio Méndez, its owner and the first producer of high-end quality in Colombia.

Montañita produces its own clean water with helps bring out the flavor of the coffee, which is grown in a tropical climate populated by native birds, migratory species, and Andean fauna.

The process of threshing, roasting, grinding and packing the "Montañita Café" is done under strictly controlled conditions. It this care and attention to detail that results in an excellent quality coffee, a bean that competes with best tasting coffees on the local and global market and is made with the passion of those who know good coffee.

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Café Montañita