About us

In 2015, during a thorough research process of the current structure of the coffee market in Colombia and the rest of the world, we found that small coffee farmers generally live in difficult conditions as a result of the coffee they produce is marketed without any type of transformation through intermediaries who place it in national and international markets.

This leads to small coffee farmers being the actors in the value chain that earn less income, which, together with high production costs, generates negative margins in business profits, thus limiting access to housing, health and education. thousands of families.

What began some time ago as an investigation today has become a solution "of them and for them" that is allowing small Colombian coffee growers to become direct exporters of their premium processed coffee to the final consumer in different international markets.

In this way, by facilitating the overcoming of export barriers and increasing their income, we are contributing to the consolidation of peace in deep Colombia where the hope of new generations of families of small coffee farmers who day after day strive to offer you the best coffee.

So do not wait any longer, buy your coffee right now and start your day changing the world!