About Us



Koffietapp was established in 2016 based out of Bogota, Colombia. We work with growers in regions producing some of the best coffee in the world, such as Cundinamarca, Nariño, Huila, Caldas, Tolima and Sierra Nevada. Many of these regions have been severely affected by the armed conflict, leaving the farmers living there vulnerable to displacement and economic exploitation. Our work supports these resilient and passionate individuals who care deeply about their farms and the quality of coffee they produce. Currently, we have exported coffee from smallholder farmers to United States, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Arabia Saudi and China.

The Growers

Koffietapp empowers and engages with smallholder coffee growers located in different regions in Colombia by offering them an online platform to directly sell their coffee. We work with some of the most vulnerable populations as the average grower is 56 years old, has a low education level, earns less than the local minimum wage (US$ 2.070 a year), and cultivates fewer than five acres (2 hectares). 70% of our growers are victims of Colombia’s armed conflict.

Koffietapp allows coffee growers to actively engage in the evolving digital economy because the platform and business model developed allows them to publish information about their coffees and stories, connect with consumers directly, sell their coffee, receive purchase and picking orders and receive payment safely in a timely manner. We are also working to integrate a learning platform to provide technical assistance with relevant content for young growers. Most importantly, by increasing farmers’ incomes, younger generations realize the potential for coffee growing as a means to achieving their dreams: better education for their children, better housing and better health care.


The Team

Our team of five brings diverse passions and skillsets to address the large challenge of empowering coffee growers:

Fabio Gaitán (CEO, Product Quality, Relationships with Producers)

Alejandro Vizcaino (Commercial Manager and Funding)

Nicolas Diaz (Digital Marketing)

Carlos Monsalve (Software Development)

Diego Villa (Software Development)

Our vision

The vision we have of the company in 5 years is:

To help more than 100,000 families to export their Premium coffees to the world, creating a significant economic impact on the quality of life of coffee growers.

To reinvent the value chain and expand the economic potential for coffee growing to increase access to education, housing, and health services. This way, we will make coffee growing an attractive and sustainable form of living for young coffee growers.

To help small coffee growers move up in the coffee value chain by creating value-added (roasted and ready-to-drink) coffee products and export them to international markets.

To share Koffietapp technology with small producers in other countries such as Vietnam and Brazil to implement similar export models of value-added products.

To have a robust technological system based on knowledge-sharing among producers, product traceability, virtual educational learning systems for young producers and great virtual promotion experiences of coffee oriented to customers.

So do not wait any longer, buy your coffee right now and start your day changing the world!