Coffee small farmers earn less than 1% of the value of the cup


In Colombia, the third largest coffee producer in the world, 550.000 families make a living from coffee production, 90% of whom cultivate fewer than five acres (2 hectares). Currently, these family farmers are facing major challenges that are putting the coffee industry future at risk:

1) Coffee growers earn less than 1% of the final value of each cup of coffee served as a result of the outdated system of production and commercialization.

2) A smallholder coffee grower in Colombia makes US$ 2.000 a year- barely enough to feed their families, much less improve their quality of life. When the price is adjusted for inflation, coffee farmers earn less per pound than they did 40 years ago. This situation forces them to resort to illicit crop cultivation.

3) As smallholder coffee farmers age (average age of Colombian coffee farmers is 56), many are finding that their children have no desire to take over the farm. The fact that few young people see a future in agriculture severely threatens the coffee industry future and the global food security.


Empowerment and connection


Koffietapp leverages technology to reinvent the coffee value chain and empower smallholder coffee growers. We work with coffee growers to create their own brands and connect them directly with consumers and enterprises around the world. In doing so, Koffietapp bypasses several middlemen and increases the grower’s income by 800%. As a result, families can invest in education, health care, and infrastructure without engaging in illicit crop cultivation. Additionally, the economic impact and use of technology incentivize young people to engage with their family’s businesses and develop new skills.

KoffieTapp is different from other options for the following 3 reasons

What makes Koffietapp different from other models?


80% of sales go directly to the grower

Only once farmers receive a living wage for their work can we achieve social and environmental change in rural regions of Colombia.


100% traceability of the origin of each purchase

Each bag of coffee you purchase arrives directly from the grower.


First smallholder coffee grower’s marketplace

We work with coffee growers and associations to develop their own coffee brands. As opposed to other companies that purchase coffee as a raw material and pay extremely low commodity prices, we help growers roast and package their own coffee and thus receive a greater percentage of the profits.

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